Classroom Behavior Management System

July 28, 2008

My classroom rules are few:

Classroom Rules

1. Be the best YOU you can be!

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3. Receive permission from the teacher before you speak out or get out of your seat.

4. Be polite and respectful at all times.

5. Always do your best work.

6. Follow directions and obey all school rules.

Then I list the responsibilities and rights in my classroom:

My Responsibilities as Your Teacher

1. To treat you with respect and care as an individual, so you will learn.

2. To provide you with an orderly classroom environment in which you can learn.

3. To provide the necessary discipline for learning to occur.

4. To provide the appropriate motivation so you will want to learn.

5. To present to you the required material you need to learn.

Your Rights as My Students

1. To fair and equal treatment and opportunities to learn.

2. To be safe in this classroom.

3. To hear and be heard in this classroom.

4. To be respected as a person.

5. To learn in this classroom.

6. To discover what it means to be responsible & successful.

Your Responsibilities as My Students

1. To treat all people, students and teachers, with respect and consideration.

2. To come to school regularly, so you can learn.

3. To make this classroom safe by following all school and classroom rules.

4. To participate in classroom activities in the correct ways.

5. To be on time and prepared for class, ready to learn.

6. TO LEARN. To pay attention, complete your work, and not distract others.

7. To push yourself, keep trying, and ask questions if you don’t understand.

Here is my conduct poster:


1. Every student will have a clothespin on which his/her name will be written. All students will begin the day with their pins clipped to the “Ready to Learn” section of our Conduct Board. Everyone will begin the day with an A in conduct! Most of the time, a single mistake will result in a verbal warning but no conduct grade change.

2. Sometimes we make mistakes, and that is okay! The first time a rule or procedure is broken following a verbal warning, your pin will be moved to the “Warning” level of the Conduct Board. At this point, you have a B conduct grade for the day.

3. Below “Warning” is “Uh-Oh”. If your pin has reached the “Uh-Oh” level, you now have a C in conduct, and will lose 5 minutes of recess.

4. The lowest level of our Conduct Board is the “Think About It” level. The student who has earned a spot on this area has some work to do. This student will complete a paper with Mrs. Whatley, reflecting on his or her behavior. The student now has a D in conduct, and has lost 10 minutes of recess.

5. Students can also move their pins up for positive behavior. The level above “Ready to Learn” is “Wow!” This student now has an A+ in conduct for the day and a sticker is added to the sticker card on their desk!

6. After the “Wow!” level is “Superstar!” Students who achieve the Superstar level have an A+ in conduct, a sticker is added to the sticker card on their desk, and their name is entered into a drawing at the end of the week. Their names are also placed on Mrs. Whatley’s Conduct Hall of Fame list on the Hall of Fame Bulletin Board!

If a student manages to go beyond the Superstar! level, in addition to all of the rewards for reaching the Superstar! level, Mrs. Whatley will take that student’s pin and wear it around school for the remainder of the day for everyone to see. That student’s picture will be taken, and placed on the Hall of Fame Bulletin Board


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